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The story of Shelter Ugolyok began six years ago when Alexandra rescued her first horse Naime from a slaughterhouse. Ever since her house has become a rescue farm, and Alexandra has devoted her life to saving animals meant to be slaughtered, as well as injured, old, abused and other animals in need. 

Our Shelter

For as long as I can remember, it has always been a dream of mine to dedicate my love and time to the protection of animals in need. With a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck, I’ve been living out this dream through the creation of Shelter Ugolyok, the perfect non-profit shelter for all animals across the country of Ukraine that are in need of rescue and protection. It all started in 2013 when I rescued a horse in the small village where I lived. Shortly after, that one horse became three horses, five cows and a handful of dogs. Those numbers quickly multiplied, and many other kinds of animals were added to the roster of animals we saved and protected. From there, Shelter Ugolyok was born. We have been rescuing animals ever since, and have even been able to expand our efforts to include three shelters in Ukraine.

Currently, Shelter Ugolyok is a safe haven for many helpless animals in need. In fact, Ugolyok provides shelter for more than 105 horses, 93 cows, 5 foals, 34 calves, 46 goats, 72 dogs, 12 cats, 3 donkeys, 32 sheep, and 8 ponies. Everything has been nothing short of amazing for Shelter Ugolyok, at least until unexpected times of warfare erupted in our region of the country. See more of my rescue stories on my Instagram page @shelter_ugolyok.

Quite unexpectedly, war has broken out in the far east region of our country, which has brought wreaked havoc on our economic health. At the same time, we have had little to no local support and are constantly under scrutiny by local authorities, making our mission of helping otherwise helpless animals extremely difficult.

Just when we thought things couldn’t get any worse, it did. On January 8th of 2018, our shelter located in the Lviv (Western) region burned down, along with my home. Till this day we still have no idea whether it was an accident or intentional, and local authorities have since closed the investigation without answers.

Thankfully, warfare in the Eastern and Southern regions of the country is expected to end very soon, which should allow us to continue the smooth operation of our shelters in those regions.

However, we can’t say the same about our Western shelter location.

Our Eastern and Southern shelters are rented spaces, but in our western shelter we are paying out the land and with help of international community soon it will be our private property.

And so the fight continues. We will continue to fight and work for land and our right to exist through the hard times.

We truly hope you can join us in our fight to exist. Our mission and the animals need all the support we can get, and we appreciate everything and anything you can do more than you know.

From Shelter Ugolyok and the animals that call it home, thank you so much.

About Shelter Ugolyok:

Shelter Ugolyok started as an unofficial animal rescue in 2013. In 2014, it gained official nonprofit organization status and was then officially named the Organization Paw of Help and Shelter Ugolyok. Across all locations, the shelter is home to 105 horses, 93 cows, 6 foals, 34 calves, 46 goats, 72 dogs, 12 cats, 3 donkeys, 32 sheep, and 8 ponies. Shelter Ugolyok was founded by Alexandra and is currently the biggest animal farm shelter in the world. It is based in Ukraine.

The shelter is more than an animal rescue in our country. Ugolyok seeks to dig deeper by changing people’s way of understanding and caring for animals.

Meet The Team

Alexandra Levitska
Alexandra Levitska


Alexandra rescued her first horse Naime from a slaughterhouse and settled her at her home not far from Lviv, Ukraine. Ever since her house has become a rescue farm, and Alexandra has devoted her life to saving animals meant to be slaughtered, as well as injured, old, abused and other animals in need.  
Catherine Wallace
Catherine Wallace

Media Manager

Catherine – our media connection with outer world. She live in Melbourne, Australia. Animal lover, vegeterian and simply my good friend. It is hard to find enough good and proper words to describe her and what she is doing and already done for our sanctuary. She works very hard and almost all the time is...
Natasha Bohomolova
Natasha Bohomolova

Branch Manager

Our organization employee and volunteer. Helps to manage shelter in Dnepr, Dnepr region Ukraine. An animal lover and a good person. Natasha parlays with different people about animal saving operations. She is a good horse teacher and very responsible in maintaining.

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